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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Call for research Group

For some time, I have faced difficulties implementing my ideas. I think the problem with my university that research is formed of isolated individuals. each one try to defend his master thesis. There is no knowledge-transfer, no cooperation to build a solid background in a given framework.
Recently, I tried to start a research group. a group with common research interest. the idea was to throw some ideas and try to propagate the ideas between colleagues who are still lost, or stuck in their thesis.
Actually, many people were enthusiastic toward the idea, and we are trying to make it work.
I hate to be Mr pushy, but if it is a way to make that thing successful and build a research group to my university..then I don't mind to be the pushy guy.

You can join us if you are interested in system programming, virtual machines and concurrent programming.

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KHD said...

OK Mr Pushy
enta betesh7at naas
mesh mkafeek el 3andak