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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Arabic Morphological search dilemma

It seems an endless problem, and continuous dilemma.
the Arabic always rejects to be searched easily like all other language...

I have developed a powerful arabic search engine. My motivation was to extend the normal "Aramorph" code to be able to solve the following examples:
  • مصر - مصرى - مصرية
  • رجل -- رجال
finally, I made it. My analyzer is very powerful...

now, the trade off yet to come, I got the following as same stems:
  • مؤتمر - أمير - أمر
  • سيد - سادات - سودان
I revised the "معجم" and i found it true to bind these words together. But is that what we need in a search engine??

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