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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Accessing multi-solr through acts_as_solr

You may need for multicore to manage multi languages search at least. An approach to solve the multilanguages problems is to use replication of each field (i.e field_arabic, field_english, field_french..etc) which I think is not feasible for large systems..

As a quick fix, using the acts_as_solr plugin, I just added a parameter to the Post method. I send the url to the method and post my request on this specific solr url. So, I make the search by iterating on all the solrs I define in my rails application and then combine the results.

The advantage of this approach that you don't enforce the user to specify the language he uses in the query, which I think it worth.

Check the multi-solr cores shaped. I didn't have the time to try it yet. This is really a powerful feature to add to the solr core. It is similar to having many solr running on one tomcat.

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