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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 10 ways to un-bake your brain

I passed through a very interesting blog entry, among the co-workers I had through my working life, I think more than 95% need to try some of these techniques.
baking brains has a negative impact on the surrounding, not just you. so, Plz be helpful and try to De-Stress.

In the following I am listing the entry with some comments:

1. Mindfulness-based stress reduction: I don't have access for this , so maybe later I can experience it.
2. Get lost in music : I do that a lot. I try to be ready with my hits player armed. I use to listen to Quraan, soft music, french melodies..etc
3. Get Active for 30 minutes: I don't do that :( , but I really need to do it. I am thinking of getting a part of it during my half hour break. I think it will help me a lot.
4. Get a breath-break: My favorite practice :), I just knew by nature that this helps me a lot to de-stress.
5. BioFeedback: I liked the idea. I hope I can do it sometime.
6. Game-out: Actually I don't feel good with gamed requiring an intense concentration. so, maybe i should reconsider this habit.

the part of writing things down is very nice. I thought it was only me the stupid person who totally forgets the details of his finished tasks.

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