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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Task - الباز أفندى

I have a new Project as assignment...
A huge data for Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, which I should manipulate and categorize, create metadata, then finally create launch a site to browse the documents..

Whenever I look at the boxes at my disk I remember the Arabic old movies, where we used to see an employee handling tons of papers in front of him in a caricature profile for Egyptian employee. There is also a well known character who appeared in the movie "Ebn Hameedo" played by Tawfik El-De'n known as "El Baz Afandy". :)) he was a skilled employee, pretending the knowledge of everything while he has not gotten any certificates...

Actually I like the task...I find it has some kind of challenge... It tests how much you can handle these docs, how much you can be organized, knowing where a specific document can fit, and how you can make good procedures to organize the structure of such data.
Well, I guess It is a new kind of experience.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation for the new role Fizo effendi:)